We’re Here to Maximize Your Reward

Muuu Finance is the first native yield booster on Astar Network that enables you to maximize your asset.

Stake for Starlay

Convert and stake your LAY, governance token of Starlay Finance, to earn lToken rewards and native assets of Muuu Finance as rewards.

Convert and Stake for Kagla

Convert and stake your KGL, governance token of Kagla Finance, to earn more KGLs and native assets of Muuu Finance as rewards.

Boosted LP Token Rewards

Stake your LP Tokens to Muuu Finance acting as an entity to boost your rewards efficiently to earn more than you stake normally.

Total Value Locked

Vote for Gauge Weights

Lock your MUUU to vote for pool gauges on Kagla Finance. You will be rewarded according to the votes. Cast a ballot to make your life better.